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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

i wanna bring up my take on this idea of BATMAN not having a "voice"
with MoS having metropolis Clark Kent be superman with no physical change other than the glasses.
i think that approach could work well with Batman. make The Batman only interact with Gordon, Superman and Villains.
Bale's 'growl' is not something that bothered me, i understood it's purpose but you can have bruce wayne being a light soft voiced playboy and the batman being an angry voice, not forced not too different to waynes voice. i dunno. i think the "voice" is something i can live without.
the batman will be a mystery to the public, only those he mainly interacts with will be know his voice, and i hope they take the focus of the "who is he?" aspects.
like how MoS got rid of the "one minuet Clark is here, then he is gone when superman is around" schtick. bypassing the whole 'who is batman' and just doing a straight up, there is a caped man calling himself the batman... oh and there is this Wayne guy who wants to fix this city, maybe have Wayne criticize the batman's actions, eliminating as suspicion.


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