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Default Re: The Next Batman Director

Originally Posted by EssayM View Post
I get the fantastical, but where in any of his films does noir or realism exist?
I haven't seen MoS yet, but everything I have seen on it conveys a very real sense of realism.

Moreover, didn't we already have a "realistic" set of Batman movies?
Nolan's films are 'grounded in reality', but that doesn't mean they're as 'realistic' as they're made out to be.

Also, you can impart a sense of realism to something and still have it deal with the fantastical, which is exactly what Synder did with 300 and, judging by what I've seen and heard about them, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, and MoS.

One last thing: Before anyone says that Sucker Punch wasn't a good film, its quality has nothing at all to do with Snyder's directorial and filmmaking style and approach.

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