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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion (Spoilers) - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
I understand, but your argument is severely flawed. Showing Superman have an emotional reaction to the destruction his fight with Zod is causing during that fight and showing him at least make an attempt to take the fight out of the city isn't pandering in the slightest, it's maintaining some actual pathos and human emotion during the giant action slugfest that visually reminds people of the largest terrorist attack in US history.
Needing him to stop and tell each and every one of us how he is feeling at the moment or it means we will think he doesn't care anymore is pandering.

Yes. That's how pathos in stories works.
My point proven at last. In case you missed it I said Zod made his verbal threats about the innocent humans and superman reacted. You would have been proud.

I don't remember that being the case at all.
Zod tossed superman through 8 buildings at one point, the only buildings they went through that may have had people(don't know), the buildings didn't go down.
When superman came out the other end, he was floating and seemingly inert. You'll just have to revisit it.

The end fight with Zod, where Superman and Zod are smashing through and toppling over a few different buildings and it hardly seems to phase Superman that he's in a populated city until they crash into the train station.
Ah yes, the end fight.
-Starts off in an empty crater,
-moves to an empty building that collapses,
-empty parking garage, empy oil tanker,
-side of a building cracked, all with angry faced superman(not one smile for what that's worth).
-Then abandoned construction building,
-then superman punches the man through the air,
-then zod tosses him through buildings unconfirmed kills(about half as much as the unconfirmed kills caused by the aliens in avengers),
-superman out cold,
-fight ends up in space,
-zod bring it back down,
-satellite debris(no different than the plane debris in Returns),
-train station no kills on impact,
-and you know the rest.

Feel free to correct me, but I ask again, which part are you referring to? Superman not crying over damage he cause is not the same as him not crying over deaths he directly causes.

No. I'm not doing that. I'm saying that it makes me really uncomfortable that Superman doesn't make a token attempt to minimize the collateral damage of his fight with Zod or even react to the fact that they're knocking over skyscrapers that people are inside.
He makes an attempt to stop Zod, very commendable. The Jaegers don't make an attempt to move the battles outside of the city once the Kaiju are in the city, they attempt to stop them....that's kinda all they can do at that point. And superman actually does make one valid attempt if you watch carefully. Funny enough, he fails, shocker.

They don't knock over any sky scrappers with people inside

They earned the right to make jokes because they also acknowledged the danger that civilians were in and actively tried to rescue them.
Now you must be playing games.
They earned the right to make jokes because some of them tried to rescue a group of citizens....
I expect alot from you but not this level of selective raging. So superman could have made any number of insensitive, inconsiderate jokes in the middle of "911 times a thousand" as some people put it, if only he was also trying to save lives(cause btw, he wasn't trying to save lives he other goals)
I just don't think you are being consistent here.

I am really absolutely not. Wanting Superman to react to the obvious carnage around him isn't wanting things to be spelled out. It's wanting the movie to acknowledge the consequences of what's going on in that scene that people are well aware of because we saw it happen in real life twelve years ago. And, it's wanting some things to stay consistent throughout the film.
We saw an alien dictator turn on a tarraforming gravity beam in a fictional city 12 years ago

Buildings do down in earthquakes all the time...don't see people getting over sensitive about movies that tread that ground lightly.

People who care also have emotional reactions to skyscrapers collapsing.
Not when they are empty.
But sure yes, and I would argue that superman had one and was actively acting upon said reaction, you are arguing that he didn't.

Yes I do. In that scene where people are actually dying by the thousands I want him to display some actual emotions about it.
That wasn't a question but thanks for elaborating.
There was no scene in which people were dying by the thousands and superman wasn't reacting. The scene you are maybe referring to is when the world engine is destroying a city block and superman is doing the impossible. Other than that, I don't remember their fight causing thousands of deaths.

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