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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Originally Posted by CB Fan View Post
He doesn't, there are plenty of great characters that are being shafted in favor of Wolverine/Hugh, if Fox really wants to build its own universe they're gonna have to have faith and interest in developing characters that aren't Wolverine.
Yeah they need other characters developed bad. Uncanny X-Force is about Logans team though. If they want to adapt that story it's clearly branching from his role in the X-Men and he is an essential character to that story since he formed it. Nothing wrong with that imo.

There are two team leader candidates here. Logan or Cable. Both would be fine. Depends on what story they want to tell.

I'm not on the Wolverine hate side, but even if I was it would be very difficult to say Logan shouldn't have a role here if they go with a Remender or Yost/Kyle take. He's the leader. He is not required for every X-Men story or the success of other films, but there is def a role for him to play in X-Force. If not now then certainly down the line.

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