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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

Originally Posted by Fishercat View Post
I'm so impatient with seeing RT stuck at 69% based on 16 reviews, while I see you guys posting all these reviews that I decided to tally up the "results" so far and register here so I could post.

Positive 39
Mixed/Negative 13
Score 75% Positive

I didn't go as far as to compile all the links together, but here's the list. There were a few duplicate postings. Sorry, I only started keeping track of the "star" rating part-way through my tally.


Deno Of Geeek
Empire Online
Digital Spy
Celluloid Heroes
Slash Film
Flickering Myth
Bleeding Cool
LiveFor Films
Gotham News
Hollywood News
What Culture 3/5
comingSoon 8.5/10
SFX 4/5
IGN 8.5/10
WatoDay 3.5/5
LetterBoxd 4/5
BeTheRedCarpet 4/5
BehindThePanels 4/5
SydneyMorningHerald 3.5/5
AddictoMovie 3.5/5
EyeForFilm 3/5
PremiereScene 4/5
Mirror 4/5 (didn't they also have a negative review!?)
Moviehole 4/5
HuffPost 4/5
MainstreamMatt 4/5
Filmwerk 4/5
Filmraps 9/10
Hollywood Reporter
Screenjabber 3/4

Total Film
Twitch Film
Highscore Reviews 5/10
Shiznet 3/5
ScreenCrush 6/10
ClickedOnline 2.5/5
Scotsman 3/5

Guardian 2/5
Screen Daily
EntertainmentIE 2.5/5
Great job sir.

I somehow bet some of those positive reviews will not end up on RT for some reason, but thats a nice list with such a majority in the positive its great to see. I'm never usually worried about review scores but for some reason this film I have been and have been rooting for it to get a decent reaction, which it has.

It certainly gives me hope going into my viewing, I wasnt expecting ground breaking genre defining, but after the last effort just a decent Wolverine film is all I wanted, this looks like it has a chance. At the end of the day the only score that will count to me is my own one but this has been great fun over the weekend finding and reading these reviews.

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