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Like Sam was saying, Hank Pym and Janet's whole careers revolve around the Avengers. And if you've read the comics in almost every single iteration Hank and Janet are integral parts of the team.

To basically take Hank Pym and turn him into some old hero from the 60's is just not justice in my book. Hell I wouldn't even mind Wright making Scott Lang the Ant-Man of the MCU as long as he also made Hank Pym Giant-Man of the MCU. And taking away creating Ultron would be like taking away the death of Uncle Ben from Spider-Man. You can not care about Hank Pym all you want but creating Ultron and the subsequent consequences of that are what drive Hank and what makes Hank the hero he is.

And if we get an old 60's only era Hank Pym then that means we'll not get Janet or worse, a Janet that has little connection to Hank and I for one wouldn't want to see these two characters changed so drastically.

I won't judge Avengers AoU until I know more about it and can see it and Ant-Man with my own eyes. It's possible that Whedon and Wright have something planned that'll do justice to all the characters (and God help us I hope they do). But as of now, Whedon and Wright are treading thin territory with me (and this does not negate anything Whedon's done before this).

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