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Default Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Considering the Man of Steel sequel will officially have a physical fight between Superman and Batman... this thread is simply to discuss whether or not a fight between a new Batman and a Chris Nolan-inspired Man of Steel could realistically have a cinematic fight.

"Hey, Superman.... you can't just go around killing bad guys to save people's lives..."

Personally, I never thought this would work since I first saw Man of Steel on opening night. Since they're going with the whole "Nolan" realistic vibe, naturally, Superman would pulverize Batman in the first scene... wouldn't he?

Can they give Batman armor that could realistically deflect heat vision? Could Batman realistically take a punch from Superman, considering in Man of Steel a punch would send somebody through a building? I don't think any of this makes sense.

Batman's Powers:
Ninja Skills, Advanced Tech & Weaponry, Bat Plane, Body Armor, Falling With Style
Batman's Weaknesses:
Anything a normal human in armor couldn't withstand, A powerful blow to the back.
Superman's Powers:

Flight, Ridiculous Super strength, X-Ray Vision, Laser Eyes, Super Speed, Countless other powers...
Superman's Weaknesses:

Adapting/Re-adapting from Earth to Kryptonian life, Kryptonite.

So... unless Batman uses his tech to make Kryponite boxing gloves.... how would he ever stand a chance?

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