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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
A joint Superman/Batman movie this early in the Man of Steel franchise is going to be a very difficult thing to pull off well. It's not impossible to do, but I think it takes a lot more talent and intelligence than either Snyder or Goyer have. I've never found either of them to be particularly good at writing or directing.
Nolan is a strong filmmaker, and I wouldn't even trust him in this case. I'd want someone like Brad Bird to direct this movie. And I'd even be fine with Zack directing World's Finest ONCE MOS2 is out. But if MOS2 IS WF, I'm more scared, because it has to be both a sequel to MOS while being an adequate Batman experience.

And yet I'm more confident with Snyder pairing up with Goyer than just Goyer alone.

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