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As I've been repeatedly saying: It has been known for YEARS that Wright said Scott Lang is protagonist in his Ant-Man story and Hank Pym is old. People are acting like this never happened. I've been saying since yesterday people are taking for granted the idea of Pym being an important figure in the MCU one day.
Yeah I thought Pym was supposed to be the Danny Ocean type character in a heist movie that Wright hinted at Ant-Man becoming. Lang would be the main guy, but Pym would be the sort of mentor. Maybe he was a relevant superhero in the 70's and 80's that had ties to the initial development of Ultron. Something like the Sentinels in X-Men where work on them began as early as the 70's as the new movie is laying out. I think Hank/Janet could work as older counterparts that don't necessarily anchor the Avengers in the modern day.

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