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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

I have no idea where this film is going. No idea at all. Everyone here makes really good arguments.

I think the only thing that is obvious is that while WB MOS did better than they expected, they also felt it could have done more. They are very happy because MOS is the most successful Superman film since SM2.

They want to protect this Superman franchise in order to do that they need to inject a little bat blood.

Goyer did mention that Superman will deal with the issues left behind in MOS. And that Superman will be realized. That stuff sounds like direct sequel to me. But with going saying Supes vs. Bats, I'm not sure where things are.

I'm sure an executive suggested Batman for business reasons. I'm sure Snyder and Goyer didn't have that in mind but I think they think of it as a cool way to further the story.

But again no idea. But if it's a true MOS sequel they won't use that logo.

So who knows.

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