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Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Look, I get it ...... having an army of mindless Chitauri or sentient Ultron armors gives the Avengers something to pummel and destroy. At the end of the day though, I'm more of a Darth Vader kind of guy.
Agree you with.

These are superhero films and everyone loves the coolness, explosions..etc Part of the fun is movie technology finally being at a point where it can show us some of the things we saw on the comic book pages in live action.

But characterization and plot shouldnt suffer because of cool explosions.

Having said all that, Ultron to me will always be Avengers enemy no1. As a kid, he was always the one character that made me say "oh uh" when he popped up.

Also Whedon made some comments about Avengers2 being a more personal story, with darker overtones, that deals with death.

So dont write off potential of dealing with Ultron as just cool CGI yet.

We'll have to wait and see what Whedon comes up with.

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