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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

I thought about this realistically. I can see the exact shortlist being Manganiello, Evans, Urban, McIntyre.

Whether we like that or not.

McIntyre may not have been in their minds until his tweet but im sure he is now. He'll need to blow them away with an audition.

Evans has that Immortals connection to Cavill. A successful Fast 6 movie, a couple of future successful WB Hobbit films, all eyes on the Dracula reboot and Crow reboot. This is the kind of stuff they look for.

Manganiello. Positive reactions from True Blood. The size & strength. Wants the Batman role. Almost cast by Snyder himself for MOS. Even if you hate this choice, he's on the shortlist.

Bomer is the only guy that may not be looked into so deeply. Just because we talk about him online doesn't mean it's in the minds of WB. He could get it with a good audition but who knows? There's a Nightwing or Hal Jordan thing about him too.

Urban. Star Trek 1 & 2. Dredd. Im sure theyre considering him.

"Guys, what would be your reaction if Alfred was Batgirl in this movie? You go watch the movie, everything cool, halfway through, Alfred becomes Batgirl."
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