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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Its funny to what I have read on other forums and everyone going ape-nuts outraged at the fact that Pym is not building Ultron

Most of the viewers of MCU are the GA, they make most of the % than us. And they don't know who built Ultron on the comics, they just want to see the movie like most of us. Just deal with the fact that it will more likely be Stark building Ultron and it will have a diffrent "origin" from the comics. Just like Mandarin/Killian. MCU doesn't follow the comics as it if were gospel. Saying that, I was surprised at the announcement of Ultron for Avengers 2, I really thought Marvel was going the route of MoE (It was already stated that Thanos was not going to be in Avengers 2, which is good, he is the BADDEST and should be hyped up more). I am really looking forward for this movie!!!

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