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Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
Has Pym been confimed as the main focus of the Ant Man movie?
No, Pym is the predecessor replaced by the Scott Lang, who is the sort of protégé according to intitial reports of Wright's script.

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Or, more likely, another character gets cast in the role of Frankenstein.
I think given that Hulk was so popular in Avengers, and given Banner's understanding of physics and what not, more so than a biologist from what I gather, it could be some Stark/Banner combo. Or most likely just Stark. But I think they want Hulk to have a prominent role. It's the Hulk. You cannot relegate that in favor of Giant-Man or some less popular Avenger from an individual standpoint. That's why Banner could fill that role. Then you incorporate Vision, SW, QS, and there is no room to add Janet/Hank and fans will complain about development issues.

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