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Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
From a cinematic standpoint, it fits. They want comedy, so the young guy/old guy dynamic could be in play. You need character dynamic to make comedy work; it's never just one guy in most successful comedies.

Then add the element of that heist noir, and you generally have the older guy pulling the strings and mentoring the younger guy. So if these elements come into play, it makes sense from a creative standpoint. I don't think Wright would have removed his central character just to be amenable to the MCU. I don't think he would have signed on if he didn't hold that kind of creative power.

I'm sorry, you've got a fine analysis there and you may very well be right. But it sounds bad to me.

Like, Scott Lang showing up as Ant-Man in Phase 3 after Ultron is already (most probably) defeated. Thus Wasp not being likely as an Avenger alongside him because she is old. Unless they make her the young Lang's romance and not Pym. wut...??!

It all seems so trite. Inane at best. None of that sounds like what Marvel has built up with Phase 1. It's all so far from the comics and makes me sad.

Thus, I reiterate, "Eugh."

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