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Default Re: Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
I guess robots are a big thing now? Just hope kaiju are too because I want to see a good American made, big budget Godzilla movie that's good unlike that late nineties travesty.

How can we be sure that this Avengers sequel is not going to introduce Ant Man and Janet to the general audience and have them be connected with the inception of Ultron? Ant Man in the general noncomic reading public is not that high caliber of a character to get them excited. Avengers 2 can and should be the character's springboard.
Umm... Godzilla, starring Aaron Johnson and Bryan Cranston, is being released next May :P

And Joss has said in an interview that Hank Pym won't be in AoU. Along with something about not needing a Pym to make an Ultron

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