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Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post

I'm sorry, you've got a fine analysis there and you may very well be right. But it sounds bad to me.

Like, Scott Lang showing up as Ant-Man in Phase 3 after Ultron is already (most probably) defeated. Thus Wasp not being likely as an Avenger alongside him because she is old. Unless they make her the young Lang's romance and not Pym. wut...??!

It all seems so trite. Inane at best. None of that sounds like what Marvel has built up with Phase 1. It's all so far from the comics and makes me sad.

Thus, I reiterate, "Eugh."
Wasp could be the Judi Dench of the series... But nah, I don't see that happening (Janet being Lang's lover). Probably another love interest will be incorporated. But who, as of now, is filling that older, matriarchal role in the franchise? You just can't have bombshells for every female character.
I'd like to see a seasoned, female lead for a change, possibly in PIII.

An older Wasp also gives you material for a more flamboyant, 60's-70's style MCU movie, should they be saving characters for an adaptation in that time period. I'm not saying that's what Marvel is thinking though. But considering some of the cheesy abilities in play, it's worth a thought. No doubt Lang's character is going to be an updated take, and we'll see Matrix style action. But should they want to revisit some MCU backstory and fill the time between Cap: TFA and the modern MCU, Hank could fit right in there.

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