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Some of you are letting preferences cloud your judgements here.I still think the cast photo Is more correct although maybe there won't be anyone In between Peter Dinklage and Halle Berry.

With Bryan Singer directing i am confident Anna Paquin will get the and credit she had In X-Men and X2.the cast photo hinted at this.Which Is reason why I think It Is accurate or mostly accurate.

Let's say I am wrong.There Is no way Halle Berry gets higher billing than Jennifer Lawrence,Patrick Stewart,and Ian Mckellen.Jennifer Is going to be the highest billed actress in film bank on It.Fox Is going to have her all over this film due to her just winning oscar and a because of a little film called Hungar games.It's clear from comic con preview this Is largely an Xavier and magneto centric story.Remember Patrick got top billing In X-Men and x2.Ian just happed to get first billing In The Hobbit.Now could Halle get billed over nicholas Hoult and Peter Dinklage? Yeah that's possable.

Remember back In X-Men and X2 Halle was fourth billed after Patrick,Hugh,and Ian.

If this was X4 with just the original cast maybe Halle would get second billing or get billed like In X-Men and X2 but's not.

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