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Default Re: Hank Pym?

I kind of dig the idea of Hank and Janet as superheroes from the 1960s. However, supposing that we want them to be contemporary characters, why not the following:

Have Hank Pym be introduced in Avengers 2 as the antagonist. Kind of a villain, but not quite: he's not evil, but a misguided, idealistic scientist whose creation gets out of control. And because he sentimentally thinks of his creation as a unique, living being, he actively works agains the Avengers to protect his child.

At the end of the movie, he realizes his mistake. He "betrays" his creation, which leads to the utter hatred his creation will now have for him. Stark, Banner and Rogers see Pym in his prison cell, and reason that Pym could do a lot more good as an ally rather than as an inmate. Then AntMan, in whatever incarnation, can stem from that story.

This helps establish Hank as the morally compromised superhero, without having him have to punch Janet. That won't work in today's political climate, no way.

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