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Originally Posted by TheLastAvenger View Post
Let's say Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne were present from the first film onward, and perhaps even fought alongside the other Avengers. Do you really think they would have been fleshed, at all? Of course not! They would have existed functioning in the same way Black Widow and Hawkeye satellites orbiting the Big 4. Their story would be marginalized and brushed aside as soon as the big guns appeared together on screen.
And that's the writer's and director's fault for giving more screen time on cheesy one liners and a kiddie storyline. "Oh, how cool a random shield agent dressed in an expensive suit with a tie, forced in our throats and becoming a hero like the Avengers instead of replacing him with pivotal characters that founded the Avengers. He is so badass that he gets to shoot with an alien pistol too before he dies heroically"

That's why I didn't care for this movie. It was all cool cgi effects and predictable dialogue while pissing off on Hank and Janet's legacy. And hated how the shield agents were wearing ordinary collar suits. I think it lacked magic and comic book nostalgia.

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