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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by kalhawj View Post
Also the entire major cast in MOS is returning because this is a sequel to MOS with Batman added to the mix. I expect 70% Superman to 30% Batman screen time.
Yeah. Let Batman be in there near the last third of the movie, as a mysterious shadow figure. I'd want MOS2 to be divided up between Clark, Lois, the big henchman of Luthor, with Batman being a mysterious character who complicates things.

When the big reveal happens, Batman tells Superman his true intent, and eventually (between blows, the fight is inevitable, and this would be a good way to make it interesting) Superman reveals the truth about himself.

I'd want Batman to mysteriously leave (this can be explained for the sequel), so we don't have an IronMan 2 buddy anticlimax. I don't want Batman saving Superman for MOS2, though I'd want it exactly ONCE for World's finest.

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