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I'll address Jennifer later in this post let's start with Ian and Patrick.

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
There Is no way Halle Berry gets higher billing than Jennifer Lawrence,Patrick Stewart,and Ian Mckellen.
Why is there no way that Halle gets billed higher than Patrick and Ian. By X3 when Halle had cemented herself as a big name star she got second billing over Patrick and Ian despite Magneto having way more scenes and much more to do than Storm. Now I'm not saying that she will but I'm not ruling out that she won't which you seem to be doing. Besides giving Ian and Patrick the 'with' and 'And' credits would be more befitting of them as they're not exactly big stars but they are deserving of that prestige credit.

Now onto Jennifer. No there is no guarantee that Jennifer will be the highest billed actress. There is a very high probability, and I mean very high but this is not a foregone conclusion. Besides as explained above I only put Halle over Jennifer because someone said that the hero is always billed higher than the villain.

It's clear from comic con preview this Is largely an Xavier and magneto centric story.
This is largely a Young Xavier/magneto centric story and they get the high billing to prove it. We don't know how much Old Prof X and Mags feature in this besides sending wolverine back to the past and meeting up with their past selves.

.Remember Patrick got top billing In X-Men and X2. Ian just happened to get first billing In The Hobbit
What has that got to do with anything? Halle got second billing in X3 but it's unlikely she will be billed before Patrick and Ian according to you. Why is their previous billing in the X-films more important than Halle's?

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