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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
Selvig and Pym maybe? Selvig said the cube was "knowledge" and he's learned so much.
Maybe he's learned enough to be able to work with the Destroyer and build Ultron from that and a Stark arc reactor. Something like that.
I see where this is going

Yes it´s possible since the cosmic cube could contain Asgardian knowledge. We don´t know how Odin got the cube or why he has the IG in his vault.
So that´s still unclear. As for the energy source, it could be an infinity gem or an arc reactor yes.

Is it possible, yes. Is it likely to happen, no not at all imo.

The thing is that even if Selvig were to get a hold of the knowledge, he could never use it for it takes magic in order to build something like the destroyer. When it comes to powering it you need a lifeforce. Does AI´s count? I don´t think that you can even copy this tech so that you can make something based on the destroyer. An infinitygem + AI + robotic body based on the destroyer might work, but you hear how that sounds!

Read this!

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