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Originally Posted by zenith16 View Post
well there's also the issue of what sony did with the their version of a motion controller too which looked alot like the wii nun chuck controller. The only difference was that glowing ball on their remote version of theirs. but they look really similar with just minor differences . any way no one should have a problem if that can be overlooked so should this. it's just not the first time this has happened

The glowing ball was the only difference between the two? The differences in actual appearances were more than simply minor. The Move and Wii-mote shared similar functionality but they did not look all that similar

Not only do they not look physically the same, they dont even share the same buttons, nor do the buttons that are on them have the same layout. In all honesty, this Wii-U controller and the Xbox one look a whole lot more alike than the Move and Wii-mote ever did

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