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your missing the parts of both controllers that had the analog sticks. other then that as I said minor difference's and when I say that I meant shape design wise. but when it came to the full nun chuck look that was totally copied. other then that I don't really care, and other people still saw that as them doing same thing prior to this and it was said often even with certain people trying to look the other way just to talk about that aspect dropped.

And while me saying this will drive certain people up the wall, that was the case. As I don't care other then certain parts were still the same when it comes to that copying the nun chuck look. No one should be having issues since that part was copied it wasn't that much of a big deal or people trying to push that it wasn't and over look it.

Also and Other wise logi tech would be in court with sony too and alot of other people won't be making controllers.

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