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Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
That Avatar of yours went very well with the tone of your post, lol. May I ask why you're not looking forward to WF that much?
I never said I'm not looking forward to WF. I am looking forward to both. I just don't think it will be as good as Avengers 2. On top of Goyer being a solo writer again with maybe Snyder joining in as a co-writer, I think it is being released too soon. MOS was more of a setup film. Clark just got at the Daily Planet and became Superman at the end of the film. Lex has yet to be introduced. Same thing goes for Batman and his mythos. Instead of further exploring how the world reacts to Superman, the city of Metropolis, the Superman/Lex dynamic, and the Daily Planet supporting cast, all those elements will be cut to half of their potential as opposed to their full potential (with the other half being occupied by Batman and his mythos).

Does this mean the movie will be bad? No. Can it be good? Yes. Will it most likely be good? I think so. However, the fact that it is so soon and that Goyer is a solo writer again all points to this being just a good film as opposed to a great one, much like Man of Steel. This is Batman and Superman's first meeting on the big screen. This film should be mindblowingly awesome in terms of quality, and I doubt it will be that awesome.

On the other hand, Avengers 2 looks like it is going to be great. The first film was great and Whedon is a much better script/screenplay writer than Goyer, as much as I hate to admit it. Everything I've seen and heard about the film so far looks great and it doesn't feel as if it is being released too soon. I am upset though that Hank Pym will not be the one creating Ultron but while I agree with those saying that that is a problem, the problems that will stem from that decision will only come after Avengers 2 when they bring in Hank Pym, who will practically be robbed of his most interesting story arc.

I look forward to both and think that both will by no means be bad, but I think Avengers is going to be a better film overall. Which really saddens me to admit since I am a huge fan of Batman and of the Batman/Superman dynamic and I waited to see them on the big screen for years.

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