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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I disagree with the last paragraph. You were on to something with IM3. In IM3, it is established that Tony's armors can act remotely as controlled by an AI, without his command. He is not wary of this, moreover, he is startled at night by armor that acts on its own and doesn't respond immediately to commands. His reaction is to remove Pepper from the situation, not to shut anything down.

The only thing the end establishes is that he would not create another suit of armor out of paranoia. If there is a legitimate threat, or any other kind of need for Iron Man to appear... why not automated? After all, he's over that, he has no need to hop in a suit and go and save the day himself. He's very comfortable solving whatever the problem is with just his mind. Very comfortable letting JARVIS handle the details.
I think the conclusion of the final battle refutes this idea. JARVIS attempted to kill Pepper and Tony was powerless to stop it because he lost the headset. An event like that would surely say to him that he needs to be in complete control of a singular armor. Destroying the remaining armors and affirming that he is Iron Man solidifies that.

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