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Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
Sheez, people just set themselves up for disappointment. Whedon said there would be no Hank Pym, he said the origin would be based on the Avengers we know. Now maybe he's making up ****, but I don't see why he'd have a reason to.

We don't even know in the Wright film if Hank Pym, will be the Hank Pym we know.
I think fans would be ok with Stark being the primary cause of Ultron's existence, so long as their is a Pym acknowledgement in the storyline. This could be Bettany taking on the role, a scene that shows Stark and Pym collaborating on the Ultron AI, or Stark mentioning that he created Jarvis nee Ultron with an old colleague/mentor of his. With the Ant Man movie taking the coveted post-Avengers spot, a brief appearance by Pym in the much anticipated sequel certainly wouldn't hurt the Ant Man movie box-office take.

I'd liken it to the appearance of The Synthetic Man in CA:TFA - you're not getting the Invaders, but here's a treat for the true-believers.

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