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Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
1) Does that mean Joss Whedon gets to cast Edgar Wright's movie?
2) Is there room for Hank Pym in Avengers 2, what with all the other madness going on?
3) Does Hank Pym being the creator of Ultron make it objectively a better film/story?
4) If not... why is having a Hank Pym cameo to create the big villain an issue?
1) Edgar Wright and Whedon could both cast or agree on who will be Ant Man. They probably already discuss these things.

2) All the madness in Avengers to will be connected to Ultron so why not give Ultron a proper origin story.

3) This a good question. I think Hank Pym's story arc is stronger without being merged with Tony Stark but this is mostly a matter of execution.

4) I could see if Hank Pym wasn't going to be involved in phase 3 but there's an Ant Man movie right around the corner. So why not make Hank Pym central to Ultron, it will only help the Ant Man franchise and satisfy the fans.

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