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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

It may not work that way, it depends on the contract. This new guy may do 2 to 3 films as a part of his contract. Meaning signing to Batman/Superman, Justice League and a solo film. Similar to Cavill's contract (which im sure he'll renew). But not everybody can be like Cavill or RDJ in terms of how passionate they are for doing multiple sequels.

They may take the Bat franchise into Bond territory and need to recast once the 2020's hit. We also don't know if JL will ever get a sequel. Snyder/Goyer may not be keen on that idea or the first one simply doesn't do well in the B.O.

So Batman on film may resort to singular interpretations. In that case, Gosling could be cool as hell.

It's a lot of what-if's, but it's a major possibility. There's no guarantee that the new actor sticks around for 4, 5 movies.

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