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Default Re: Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
My whole deal is-if you take Ultron away from Pym,you might as well fold up the Ant-Man film and send it packing right now.

If you take a 5 star storyline away from a character who is only known for one 5 star storyline,then there's no need for Hank Pym in the MCU.
Yeah, he doesn't have only one 5 star story. Just one that you like. To Steal An Ant-Man is also one of his best, and would work best for a solo Ant-Man film. Having Ant-Man fighting with the Avengers would get boring after a while, and it'll look wierd having him constanly shift from big to small, big to small all the time. After a while, it'll gets less and less impressive. Having Scott Lang steal Pym's equipment and using it for good. Pym becomes impressed and let's him keep the equipment. And then he appears in the Avengers as Giant-Man or YellowJacket. And also, we don't know if Joss was messing with us, trying to keep this a secret or what. Pym may be referenced in the movie as the creator of Ultron, or he'll just be in there as a scientist.

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