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Default Re: Vin Diesel Theroy

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
But seriously, I think he's Vision.

Do you really want Vin Diesel to play the most powerful villain in the MCU? Vin Diesel to be the reason The Avengers get out of bed in the morning?

And do you really think Vin Diesel can go toe-to-toe with RDJ?

Misspelling theory isn't a great start to gaining credibility lol

I would counter your second question with this: would a lesser personality be able to go toe-to-toe with RDJ? Say Luke Evans, who physically can also be a realistic foe....RDJ is gonna steal all the big Thanos scenes as might Chris Pratt....Luke Evans was the bad guy in Fast Six for a reason, he's a good actor and doesn't require a ton of screen time because they had a personality heavy lineup in the good guys department.

I do think they need a legitimate A-lister to pull of Thanos. I think Vin would do well and I think he'd give the role some series weight (outside of his bulky 200 pound frame) as a big screen heavy.

Thanos has to be someone worth building towards....not to harp on Luke Evans, he's just the guy that comes to mind as a quality actor who would get eaten alive for scenes, but if it's Luke Evans or Damon Porter guy, or someone else....Not the greatest thing ever....but if it's Vin Diesel and you tease him and build towards something in a few movies I think you could have a foe that brings the requisite amount of fear to the Avengers and will command his own screen presence as opposed to being just give scenes because that is the way it goes.

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