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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Warner's were ididots.The news broke before their panel and they wasted time on films nobody cared about.Plus let's be honest It's not going to man of steel 2 guest starring batman It's going to Batman and Superman film.Man of steel Isn't going to hit 300 Million
domesticly.WB Is doing this because that's a better bet to reach Iron man and avengers worldwide than just another Superman film.The trades are reporting the flash Is planned for 2016,and Justice league for 2017.announcing those to con would have matched marvel.

Man of steel domesticly Is nearly out of theatres with 285 Million domesticlly

Superman returns with better critical reaction If you inflirated would have 234 Million and that was without 3-d.X2 and last stand would be at 282 and 283 million adjusted and that Is without 3-d.

People can deny It all they want but putting superman and batman In same film Is all about trying to use batman to increase box office.

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