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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

Hardy is not good at American accents. He admits he can only do a decent southern-ish accent. Warrior is a good starting place for his voice. It was fine but wouldn't sell me on Bruce Wayne. He has a quirkiness about his voice and mannerisms that don't fit Bruce and is sometimes hard to understand. He mumbles a lot. He's one of my favorite actors on the planet but he's not fit for Wayne at all.

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Yeah he can use his normal voice as Bruce and go deeper as Batman. It doesn't need to be as drastic as Nolan's, but I do believe Bruce should change his voice in the costume. Bruce Wayne is a celebrity. I'm not saying he'd be identified in seconds based on his voice, but a smart adversary with resources could certainly use it as a jumping off point.

And Gosling is easily one of the most talented guys around the age range they are looking for. Would he do it though? He likes more personal artistic projects. If Nolan was still in the directing chair, I think so, but since he isn't, I'm not quite sure. Depends on what Snyder sells him. If he pitches it to Gosling as an all visual film, I think he'd turn it down, but if he convinces him they'll give the character as much depth as Nolan did, I think it's the type of character he'd do.
I agree and have been defending this point for ages. But recently I gave up because ppl were convincing me of the voice. After reading these new posts, I think im back on the bandwagon. The only thing holding him back is he's shooting his directorial debut. He might be finished now, im not too sure. But im guessing he'll be busy with post production for the next several months or longer depending on how long he wants to take his time. He would also have to keep hitting the gym. Im not sure how he looks right now since he's been off work all of this year.

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