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Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
It's not standards. It's a checklist you all make in your heads on what comic book films can and can't do. When all you do is dictate what a film should be all throughout its production you set yourself up for disappointment. You people have no idea how it will play out. The movie was literally just titled a day ago and people are already saying they are ruining the characters.
By all means, discuss. Be a little wary even, but fandom as a whole has degraded into people sitting behind their computers scrutinized every move these people do and crying :"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! YOU ALL SUCK!!!! DO THIS NOT THAT!!!!"
For one, I have only said "You Suck" to one company about a movie and the was Fox for the Crap Doctor Doom THEY thought we should see.
Secondly, SOME compies LISTEN to the fans, so yeah, Speaking your OPINON online can sometimes HELP.

Right now, we can complain and speculate all we want online, since there isn't any places in EVERY town like your local Town Hall to ***** at about Comicbook movies.

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