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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

The best thing about Keaton's Bruce/Batman was his mystery. When the film starts, he's already Batman, but Bruce doesn't even become a focal character until the first act of the film comes to a close. It was pretty cool how we (the audience) learned things about Bruce and Batman through other people's conversations, and later, only minutes before the final act begins, we get the one essential flashback that was all we needed to know about his past.

I really liked that and I imagine they'll return to that idea with the introduction of the new Batman in this upcoming WF film. It's a good approach for a few reasons. Firstly, Batman works well as a mysterious, "myth-like" hero. He can seem more intimidating and unpredictable that way. The audience can form their own ideas about why this man is the way he is, a stark contrast to the Nolan films in which we were shown everything right down to his childhood and later his training. In TDK trilogy, we knew his methods. We saw his fighting skill and technology before he ever put them to use. Now, in this new film, we'll experience Batman's methods just as the criminals (and Superman) are -- for the first time. This was how it was in B89 and it's time to go back to that urban legend approach.

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