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Default Re: Spider-Man Trilogy vs Iron Man Trilogy

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Heh heh. I will admit that I scratch my head regarding your opinion of TDK. But I won't argue it. I'm sure you have your reasons. If I were to say something about Batman Begins over TDK is that it succeeds far more at making Batman himself a character I want to see on screen rather than just his villains (Two-Face, Joker and Bane). Thats enough of that though.

I do agree with your opinion of Raimi though.

That's ok, I've been scratching my head regarding how most people react to TDK since 2008. I just don't get what anyone sees in it. They all complain when a film takes the easy/cheat route and has things happen simply because the movie needs them to happen or in other words it's like the director/writer saying "it happens this way because I say so". Virtually ALL films that try that get bashed for that kind of BS. Rightly so, I might add. But TDK which is the King Kong of films that pull that BS gets a free pass. Bonkers, simply bonkers.

"Spider-man is the Charlie Brown of the Marvel Universe." ~ Kevin Smith
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