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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by Bran-El View Post
I wanted standalone MOS 2. I fear the sequel will be overstuffed trying to fit in the new Batman backstory while introducing Clark Kent and the basics of Superman. The whole thing will seem rushed even if it has a 3 hour running time. It's not like I mind a Superman/Batman movie in theory, I just think WB is jumping the gun in the name of BO profits. I would have preferred a new Batman origin tale, MOS sequel and then a pair up. Just my opinion. I know most probably disagree.
Realistically, this can happen. But hypothetically, if handled right, it can ADD to the story. Think of Harry Osbourne in Spider-Man 2. His role in the story was important, but didn't DRIVE the narrative. The key is to show Batman/Bruce as a mysterious character, before humanizing them and "completing" Clark as a superhero.

Bruce and Clark becoming friends could bring the whole friendship/mentor relationship theme in the first installment full circle. If MOS was about Clark trying to behave in a world in which people don't except him, MOS2 can resolve that by having a supporting male figure that he can confide in.

Similarly, Clark serves as a symbol of hope to Bruce.

I'd rather not have the "team fight" against evil just yet in this film, though. I feel like that's good sequel material, and that the focus of the final act would be "oh look-Superman/Batman" rather than Batman resolving a dramatic conflict relating to superman.

MOS2 should be about Superman inspiring good in a "real world" setting. It should also be about Lois, the Daily Planet/reaction to him as a person, Lex Luthor as a hidden threat, and Superman knowing his presence is a good thing through a personal revelation. That is, Bruce coming out of the woodwork and placing his trust in Superman, saying he'll be back in case Clark has something that he cannot resolve alone. That happens after the inevitable fight and confusion about Luthor. It'd be nice if Bruce offers to protect Lois against a possible Metallo attack or something. That can "write Batman out of the picture" for the final showdown with Lex.

And I REaally want Lex to get away with being a creep. I want Superman to foil his plan, but not be able to prove the guilt of Luthor as a person.

This sets up the sequel, while being tonally relevant to MOS.

I'm not saying my way is the only way, but I think it's better than a World's Finest lite ending

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