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Post Villains Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios MUST USE for Iron Man 4

With Iron Man 4 on the horizon of being confirmed for phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's only a matter of time until he announces the storyline and villain for the film so we gotta make sure uses one of each that is awesome enough for everyone to be thrilled by and the villains and the storyline that he must use are right here in this thread

After seeing Iron Man battle two armored villains Iron Monger in Iron Man 1, Whiplash in Iron Man 2, and extremis powered villains Aldrich Killian, Savin and much more of AIM's soldiers, there is one more specific kind of villains that we want Kevin Feige to PROPERLY use for the 4th film if it does happen before Avengers 3 and they must be villains that are awesome and must be done PROPERLY from the comics and are not to violate them like they did in Iron Man 3.

Now for the storyline that Kevin Feige must use for the 4th film, it is to be based on the Dragon Seed story arc of the Iron Man comics

What's really interesting about this story arc in the comics is it features Fin Fang Foom leading his Makulan dragons into invading Earth and more interesting is that both Iron Man and his arch enemy the Mandarin are forced to team up in attempts of defeating the dragon and his legion. As unsure as it seems, it's going to have to happen with or without Ben Kingsley returning to reprising his role as the Mandarin under the regards of the twist on his character in Iron Man 3.

Now for the film, this is the villain that Kevin Feige is to use as Iron Man 4's main antagonist


Yeah that's right. Fin Fang Foom is one of the most popular villain in Iron Man's comics because he is alien dragon who is responsible for creating the rings that Mandarin uses and especially for his epic role in the Dragon Seed storyline in the comics as well. Some of you think he won't appear just because of the sea lion like monsters that transport the chituri in the Avengers and because of the dragon statues and Killian's firebreath, but THEY DO NOT COUNT! As the main villain of the movie, Fin Fang Foom should be used as the next challenging villain for Iron Man to face off against and this time, Tony is to defeat him, not Pepper cause she has killed enough bad guys and she wouldn't stand a chance against a giant dragon. Fin Fang Foom will be themost exciting villain for Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios to use in Iron Man 4 if the movie happens.

Now for the other villains we expect for Iron Man 4

The Mandarin(Trevor Slattery) is one of them we need Feige to include, even if it means redoing the character, it's better than ripping us off with an extremis powered Killian because how else is Marvel Studios to continue the franchise?

Incase any of you are wondering why Kevin Feige should still bring Ben Kingsley back for Iron Man 4 as the Mandarin in despite the twist in Iron Man 3 and despite hum and Shane Black wrongfully considering Aldrich Killian the MCU's version of the Mandarin other than lacking magic power rings, here are specific reasons why he should still invite Ben Kingsley back as the character:

*Trevor Slattery is still alive and because he was arrested and set up for a crime he didn't commit, it should definately give him the motive on becoming the villain we truly deserve in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

*Ben Kingsley still counts as the official Mandarin of the MCU because his character wore the proper materials the Mandarin wears in the comics and has been advertised throughout many toys, books and merchandises of the third Iron Man movie

*Because he was an actor that went bankrupt over his addiction to drugs and alcohol, the cosmic rings suit him more efficiently as he will attempt to use them to help him regain his wealth and fame

*With the ring of influence, he would use its power to brainwash many civilians into forgetting about the events in Iron Man 3 and to respect him as a celebrity

*Because Trevor and the Ten Rings were used by Aldrich for his dirty schemes, they are both to join forces against AIM in a war

*Trevor deserves a right to know why Tony came desperately into his house threatening him with a gun and why Aldrich had him set up from the start

*With Trevor created by Aldrich as the AIM founder's idolized version of the Mandarin, Ben Kingsley's character would go through an evolution when he aquires the rings and when he does, he will be expressed in a "Frankenstein's Monster" like way

*The cosmic rings would serve as Iron Man 4's primary source of materials just as Extremis in Iron Man 3, Arc Reactor in Iron Man 2 and the armors and weapons in Iron Man 1 have.

*Kevin Feige would bring Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin back for Iron Man 4 not just so his character finally uses the magic rings on what the blasts they emit look like but to MAINLY EXPRESS how someone's lust for riches, glory and ambitions can lead to bigger consequenses, especially when about be tricked in a deal with Fin Fang Foom

Now for how Trevor will be able to escape, it will be done simply by the work of a mercenary and there is one Iron Man villain capable enough to break him out of prison

The Ghost (played by Michael Shannon)

Ghost is a professional mercenary who posesses leathal weapons, martial arts skills, and stealth technology. As ruthless as he is, Michael Shannon (who played General Zod from Man of Steel) is just the kind of actor to fit the character in the films. Now for the clients

Raza (Leader of the Ten Rings)

The leader of the Ten Rings. Raza will return and hires Ghost to free Trevor Slattery from prison who in return joins forces with the terrorist as the Mandarin. Raza and the new Mandarin team up to lead the ten rings against AIM to make them pay for their boss Aldrich Killian for using them for his own dirty schemes

Surely some of you may be demanding villains like MODOK, Living Laser or other villains who haven't been seen yet but like Shane Black said on the day where he kindly explained how some characters are difficult to adapt in the films, well MODOK and Living Laser are two villains that films definately won't use at all.

So if you want Kevin Feige to use what's in this article for Iron Man 4 then... Get in touch with him ASAP and have him look at it, tell him to bring Ben Kingsley back as the new Mandarin, make sure he uses REAL MAGIC POWER RINGS and tell him to use the Dragon Seed storyline for Iron Man 4 too! We deserve better from the comics then for Marvel Studios to rip us off with garbage and we also want Fin Fang Foom too so lets hurry and convince Feige RIGHT AWAY.

Oh and if Shane Black is willing direct the fourth film, he'll be sure to read the comics this time before he gets started on directing it so we gotta tell Black to use the Dragon Seed Story line for Iron Man 4, there he can get Ben Kingsley to return as the new and more proper Mandarin form the comics that uses magic rings and this time he will lead the Ten Rings against AIM for Aldrich Killian's betrayal which would also feature modern warfare and he may have to add a little more crazy in order to make it happen so lets tell him RIGHT AWAY while we still got time!

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