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Default Re: Age of Ultron or World's Finest

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
This is a movie, not the book. Batman will not just be a part of the supporting cast in a Superman/Batman movie. He will be a co-star. You're thinking this will be MOS2 with Batman guest-starring when it will be Superman/Batman with Batman and Superman co-starring.
No my point was made to directly shut down the looming idea that just cause you have a big character in a film they will take it over. That's simply not how writing works imo.
Banner can steal a movie in one script and be entirely forgotten in his own movie the day.

As for what this movie will be, who knows. I just know it's a Superman sequel being made by people who are very much in the Superman business. At worst joker could show up in a batman movie and completely own him and make quotes about being the one man that beat him(kinda like in TDK). At the end of the day I will consider that a batman movie, especially if its' full of his supporting cast regulars.

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