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Default Re: Age of Ultron or World's Finest

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
OH please.

TWS does not have "half of the Avengers". The characters in there are secondary, and Marvel has already done that sort of thing with Coulson.

The only hypocrisy is Geoff Johns trashing Marvel for doing the shared universe concept and then going out and copying them.
Geoff Johns is running WB? who knew.

by half of the avengers I was implying that Fury/Widow/Hawkeye(thought he was in it) are avengers as well.
I was purposely ignoring Maria Hill and Falcon(an avenger in the books and cartoon).

My bad. The point is still valid, caps sequel has alot of superheros(all with big personalities), and it's still a cap movie. But that's very different from Superman's sequel. It's most certainly not a Superman movie.

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