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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Entirely possible if they go the Bruce Timm route of making Batman the protagonist in every encounter he has with Superman. Best Superman ever does is achieve co-protagonist status but Batman never takes a backseat to Superman in those cartoons. Why should we think the movies would be any different?
With all due respect that's not true, Timm is a bigger batman fan than he is a superman fan we all know that but during the 3 episode arc the "world's finest" superman was shown in top form, in that arc:

batman flips superman (much to the amusement of Clark!) but then superman body slams batman into a wall like a pancake.

Batman struggles to protect himself and lois from one of lex's robots throughout the better half of the episode and was about be killed only for superman to come in and crush the robot with one step! He then looks at Bruce and lois and say's very casually "did I miss anything!"

Joker traps superman, lois and batman with kryptonite and batman couldn't really come up with a way to escape noting that the jar of hydrochloric acid would take a week to melt through the door, but superman despite being hurt and weakened by the kryptonite tells batman to use the HCL to melt the kryptonite!
That was the most interesting part of the arc, where the team showed superman to come up with the solution not to mention the fact that he then saved batman and lois from the subsequent explosion.

Superman saves batman again at the end when he and harley quinn were about to be engulfed by the flames.

There were 2 other team ups; the first was "knight time" where superman (with robin's) help saves batman and while disguised as batman shows brainiac that he is on to his plan prompting brainiac to tell superman (thinking he is batman) that "you are every bit the detective that your followers on the internet believe". This was a great episode highlighting superman's intellect and his discomfort at being batman
The other episode was the demon reborn with Ra's Alghul were superman ends up saving batman at the end and batman reluctantly notes how clever clark was at using Alghul's devotion to Talia to distract him and save them both!

Look I don't know how WF (or MOS 2) is going to turn out but when it comes to STAS (not JL) I have to give Timm and co ALOT of credit for showing superman in great light despite of their greater affection to batman.

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