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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

the only way Batman might have any form of hope in a real full out fight with Superman where they are both trying to kill each other would be if Batman has Kryptonite.

Thats something alot of you guys have been saying, but you forget one very important fact here, THERE IS NO KRYPTONITE YET!! Goyer and Snyder have confirmed that Kryptonite is not on Earth and Goyer confirmed that the sequel takes place immediately after Man Of Steel, so there is still no Kryptonite, might show it landing on Earth but its highly unlikely that anyone will figure out that its deadly to Superman right off the bat like Lex Luthor magically did in Superman: The Movie.

I think Batman will confuse Superman more by tricking him with his ninja techniques, like how he can actually hide from Superman even with all of Supe's powers and such, but they wont duke it out, Batman would easily lose like that and that would be boring.

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