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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - P

Originally Posted by warriorking View Post
I watched the teaser again and it does not look like Thor is hurt in that scene, he seems to be helping Jane...they also state that Thor cries Noooo!!! when the scene of the hand cutting fades quickly to black ...we all know from the first teaser that this cannot be so...but rather he is screaming Nooo!!! not because of any physical pain inflicted upon himself but clearly an emotional outcry due to either jane or someone else being hurt or killed by whoever he is fighting ...I still think he does not loose a hand..I feel its just a sly editing trick....
Yeah I'm not sold either. I've do doubts of the account of the footage, but it's just that I've seen that done a ton of times in movie, making you think one character is in peril, and it ends up being something else.

Were it not for ESB, or Aquaman, or Jamie Lannister, I'd totally be on board with this, but the severed hand is just entirely overplayed.

*edit* Had to blackout that last bit as we had a big discussion early about GoT spoilers.

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