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Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
This doesn't make much sense from a business or artistic standpoint.

You're taking a major character who is the creator of Ultron and Ant Man and you're dividing him into a weaker character and merging him with an already popular character.

Why not make Ant Man a major player in Marvel Universe for the sake of the franchise and fan-service?
because its Ant-Man. because it's already a hard sell. and because Edgar Wright clearly only wanted to tell one story. he's not franchise building. him creating Ultron was probably the most important story of Pym's life. if he does that in Avengers, what story do you use for the Ant_man movie; keeping in mind that it's instantly inferior? Pym doesn't have a Winter Soldier or Extremis arc to draw from. they aren't going to stretch the journey through Vision into an entire movie. and i'm quite certain that you don't want the Fall of Yellowjacket to be the subject matter of the first Ant-Man movie.

personally, i think they should just let Wright tell his story. it seems to be a one and done. it's not like Marvel will lose the rights to Pym. if they want to tell future stories with the character, they will find some way to make it work.

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