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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by Poni_Boy View Post
Nah, the MOS 2 announcement at Hall H was quickly forgotten after the Fox/Marvel panels. The response from the DOFP cast alone was enormous not to mention when Jackman walked on stage for the Wolvie movie.
Eh not really.

I'm not excited about the next DC film, but I've seen news on TV reporting the upcoming Batman/Superman team-up film, yesterday and the other day. I have yet to see news on TV talking about X-Force and DOFP.

Originally Posted by Poni_Boy View Post
The GA will gladly accept it and at the end of the day that's all that matters
Of course they will.

I'm pretty sure the GA aren't aware of X-Force line-up in the comics. They didn't even appear in cartoons and videogames. So for most of the GA, the movie will be their introduction to X-Force.

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