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Default Re: Age of Ultron or World's Finest

Box Office: Batman and Superman are the two biggest superheroes in the world, two of the most recognizable pop culture figures in pop culture history, so WF will make bank, no doubt about it, but TA:AOU is a sequel to the already extremely successful TA, and will be coming off Phase 2 of the MCU which will probably be successful(IM3 has been) AND all of TA's cast is returning which we can't say about Batman in WF. AOU gets the edge here, but we can't underestimate Batman and Superman as a selling point. WF will be closer than some expect. AGE OF ULTRON

Reviews: Most fans seemed to really love MoS, while critics were mixed. I think Snyder and Goyer understand Batman better than Superman, which may help them create a stronger overall film. Most fans loved TA and critics all seemed to enjoy it themselves. Joss Whedon and RDJ have a bit of a cult following and respect in the industry. AOU will probably win here too, though I personally think WF will do better with critics than MoS because, like I said, I think Snyder is much more comfortable with Batman and Supes will be developed enough to be more like the boy-scout many people expect. EDGE: Age Of Ultron

My personal anticipation: I'm looking forward to both tremendously. Batman is my favorite superhero and I loved MoS, so WF sounds great to me. Meanwhile, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron consists of my third, fourth and fifth favorite superheroes all in one film, one of my favorite villains and I simply loved the first film. I don't know which one I'll more and I honestly don't know which one I'm more excited about. EDGE: BOTH

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