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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

Originally Posted by Stringer View Post
I do think some people overrate Gosling though. He's good, but he's not in the Bale/Ledger/Hardy league. I just can't see him making that adjustment to Batman.

Ledger sadly doesn't have enough of a filmography to really analyze just how GREAT he was because he died shortly after he started getting real meaty roles. With what we got, I see them pretty even, but again, Ledger was really doing magnificent work when he was given something good, where as Gosling has already gotten to work on more great projects than Ledger.

Hardy is very good, but I think Gosling has shown much more range than Hardy. Gosling has played everything from the innocent man-child in Lars and The Real Girl, to a druggie in Half Nelson, to a hopeless romantic in Blue Valentine, to badasses in Drive and Place Beyond The Pines. His performance in Only God Forgives is a mixture of badass and complete wimp, which is pretty impressive.

He's got nothing on Bale, though, I'll give you that. In 20 years, I think Bale will be considered the best actor of this time, similar to what DDL is doing now. They remind me of each other in both their dedication to roles and their transformation in roles. Bale really is like a younger DDL.

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