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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

Originally Posted by Hurm... View Post
Personally, I want Gosling. After watching The Place Beyond The Pines (many times I might add), I think he can pull it off. He's a recognizable face, but hasn't been in too many blockbusters.

I'm just worried about Goyer lmfao.
Agreed. Goyer is a comic writer/fan so many of his ideas are strong, but he needs a much more talented screenwriter to interpret those ideas into an actual screenplay with real characters and a consistent plot. Goyer was the perfect guy, with his comic love, to mix with Chris Nolan's 'realistic' take on Batman and Jonah Nolan actually take the ideas of the two of them and writing a cohesive script. Personally, I'd be more than happy with Snyder and Goyer as two of the main creative forces for the film if there was third guy who was actually an accomplished writer, whether it be Jonah or someone new. However, without that guy, I am a tad worried, but I did like MoS.

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