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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Originally Posted by TheFuture View Post
Exactly. Tony's been shocked already at what his creations are capable of to the point where he turned them into a firework show at the end of IM3.

He clearly feels that they are no longer need, and that they aren't the solution to whatever threats await the world in the future. So there really is no logical reason for him to mess around with an even more advanced AI.

If Tony's involved with Ultron, it'll be indirectly i.e. someone has taken his technology.
The firework show was clearly to show Pepper his dedication. He was all "see I'm here for you." There's no way to take that as "See, I'm shocked at what they are capable of!" When was he ever shocked at his creations? The bedroom scene, where he immediately proceeded not to destroy any armors and never mention the incident again.

Also... what in the world does that have to do with not creating more advanced AI, a totally separate solution to problems?

Are you guys trying to conjure up reasons for Stark not to make Ultron?

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